Get the document allowing legally live and work in Israel .Special Programme for business immigration to this country is not, therefore, need to obtain a work visa or a residence permit on the basis of the relationship with the citizens of Israel.Also, people may emigrate, has Jewish roots, or convert to Judaism.To obtain the necessary documents and receive advice should contact the Consular Section of the Embassy of Israel in Moscow.
Collect money to start a business.If you do not have enough money.You can take the credit in the Israeli bank.But it is necessary to count those who live in the country for a long time and has within it a source of income.
Start the registration procedure with the tax service dedicated to the recovery of VAT.Its location can be found
in the local business directory.When you register, select the form of payment of the tax.It is different for small and large firms.If you want to start a small business, then you no longer fit the system in which your counterparties in the transactions you do not pay VAT.
On receipt of the registration documents refer to another tax office, which specializes in income tax.
Contact Management security of Israel.There you will have to fill papers related to medical and other insurance for you and your future employees.