you need
  • scales, a device for determining the speed, range or roulette
Determination of the kinetic energy of the body Measure weight in kilograms on the scales or any other method, for example,, by reaction with a standard.Then measure the velocity of the body.If the body is not moving, its kinetic energy is zero.Measure the instantaneous speed using a speedometer or a special radar.To find a constant speed, distance, which took the body, divide by the time that it was in the way.If the body is moving with uniform acceleration from rest, then to find the rate of twice the distance that the body passed some time, divide by the time in sec
onds.All distances are measured in meters, and the speed in meters per second.After that, the speed of the body squared and multiply by the body weight, and the result is divided by two to get the value of the kinetic energy in joules.
Determination of the potential energy of a body raised above the Earth find body weight in kilograms by any of the methods described.Thereafter, measure the height to which the body is lifted, in meters.Multiply the obtained data and multiply them by the acceleration of gravity, which is 9.81 m / s2.The result is a potential energy body, raised to a certain height above the surface of the Earth in Joules.
potential energy elastically deformed telaIzmerte rigidity of the deformed body, if it is not known in advance.To this end, using a dynamometer deform the body, change its size to a certain length.Dynamometer shows the elastic force and deformation measure with a ruler or tape measure.Dividing the value of the force in Newtons per strain in meters, will get a stiffness value.To calculate the elastic deformation energy of the body, changes in body size during deformation, measured in meters squared and multiplied by the value of rigidity.The resulting number is divided by 2.
full mechanical energy telaEsli body has both kinetic and potential energy, for example, flying plane, then to find the total mechanical energy just fold them.