you need
  • Screwdrivers, stationery knife, the new matrix.
Remove laptop screen by unscrewing the small bolts between the hinges.There may be quite a lot.Fold small parts in a small box, prepared in advance, otherwise there is a risk then they did not find.Then unscrew the hinges themselves (they also put in a box) and separate the halves of the gadget apart.The second half (where the keyboard, motherboard, processor, etc.) You do not need, so it is set aside.
now disconnect the frame of the screen.Frames are different, so before their separate, carefully inspect it.It can be fastened with screws with rubber caps and double-sided tape.In this case, lift and pull the plug, remove the bolts and then pull out the frame of fasteners, carefully hooking it.A good help in the work can be regular plastic bank card.If th
e frame is simply glued, then detach it using stationery knife.If the panel was only bolted, just pry it (the same knife) and remove.
frame may be slightly deformed during disassembly, but it's not terrible.Carefully set it aside, making no creases.When assembling it snaps into place and straightened.
Remove the back wall of the screen.Then lift the array and disconnect cables, pre-peeled off adhesive tape.By matrix is ​​wider, the webcam - more narrow.Unscrew the frame (the one with the antenna), mount the screen.
To avoid dust getting inside the matrix, go to her bathroom, where for a few minutes, turn on the shower.Now carefully unplug each film, plastic plate and frame, LED tape.Any damage to the tires will result in the latest lines on the screen.
whole process of disassembly, you can see by clicking this link:
films can wash lint-free cloth.But inside the matrix alone is not necessary to climb.Breaking drivers there are very easy but to solder these strips tonyusenkie silicon carryout fail.