you need
  • alcohol thermometer and a special measuring device (Figure 1), consisting of a rubber bulb (pos. 1), clad in the glass tube (Pos. 2).At the opposite side of the tube is inserted into the rubber plug (pos. 4) with intake (pos. 5).Inside the glass tube is a hydrometer (Pos. 3).
To measure the density fill with a blower through a glass tube electrolyte intake to about half the height of the tube.Hydrometer must float freely in the liquid without touching the corks, pears and side walls of the flask.Only in this case will be the density measurement.
Consider the density of the digital value on the scale, which is inside the top of the hydrometer, at the contact meniscus electrolyte with a hydrometer tube.After measuring the density and temperature, adjust the value
s ​​obtained.
At temperatures electrolyte , characterized by a temperature of 25 ° C by more than 5 ° C, resulting in measuring the density of electrolyte change based on the temperature correction: for every 1 degree Celsius is the correctionin 0.0007 grams per cubic centimeter.If less, then you subtract the amendment, if more - add.Or, guided by the following table, determine whether density electrolyte required parameters.
But if the required parameters in this table is not (for example, if it is necessary in the winter measure density electrolyte in the battery of the car), use a simple, but an addiction: for every 15 degrees Celsius density electrolyte changed to 0.01 grams per cubic centimeter.