first triad, or criminal groups began to appear in China before Christmas.Historians believe: originally it was a group of slavers, unite in order to confront the competition.His character, they have chosen a triad (the trinity) Confucius: the sky, the man, the earth.Ancient manuscripts have not saved any additional information about the triads of the first wave.But it is known that the movement has experienced a rebirth.There is a Chinese legend, talking about the revival of the triad in 1644, during a raid of the invading nomads from Manchuria.The troops of the invaders laid siege to the Shaolin Monastery and the strength and cunning destroyed all who were in it.
We managed to save only three monks at the time of the siege they were not in a monastery.Returning to his native walls, the monks found only the ruins and the remains of their comrades.Without moving from this place, they have vowed to take revenge, forming a trinity - a triad.

Historical facts confirm the legend of the triad in the main: the first organized group in the 16th century in China began to emerge from the liberation guerrilla groups.As the war for the liberation of the country from the yoke of the Manchu, the triad of supplying weapons and guerrillas formed the strategy of the fight.However, with the advent of the world group with a strict internal hierarchy and the authoritarian regime did not collapse, but on the contrary, to get their hands virtually unlimited power.The top triad controlled the illegal mining of gold, heroin and cocaine trafficking, prostitution, and the rank and file members of the organization engaged in racketeering, robbery and piracy.

In modern triads strictly observe the traditions established by the founders of the Chinese mafia in the 16th century.Thus, the supreme power in the face of San Shou and Fu Shan shu transmits its power to the related lines, from father to son.The inflow of new members of the triad is conducted on a regular basis: each group is the person in charge of recruitment.From beginners require unquestioning obedience: an attempt to conceal from the triad profits severely punished.Exit from the Chinese mafia is almost impossible: a lifetime membership will resemble a tattoo on his arm in the form of a skull and dragon.

Through mass immigration Chinese triads have long reigned over the world.In the US, they control the entire Chinese business, ranging from catering and ending prostitution.Many members of triads, and prefer to live outside the country: in fact in China, belonging to the triad, to prove in court, punishable by death.