pavlinoglazki Satin

First of all, it is - a butterfly.It's hard to believe, but even such beautiful creatures like butterflies, too, can be frightening!The fact that the color of its wings is truly unique.The front ends very much like a snake's head, preparing to make the attacker roll!For this pavlinoglazki satin nicknamed "Cobra", which is known to be the most feared venomous snake and a queen among them.In addition, this butterfly wingspan reaches 25 centimeters, for which it is considered to be the largest on earth.
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Praying Mantis

is not dangerous for humans to insects.Rumors that the soothsayers allegedly poisonous, have not been confirmed.Mantis rather frightening and u
npleasant to look at an insect rather than dangerous to humans, but has a rather aggressive behavior.It should be noted that this creation is a predator.He is fiercely fighting for their prey with other insects, and a female praying mantis eat all of their partners after mating, eating their heads.The worst kind is recognized under the name "flower of the devil."This is one of the largest in the world praying mantis: females reach a length of 13 cm. It is interesting that evolution has made this kind of insects in these colors: Body of females grow natural petals, similar to the "flower of the Devil" (Orchid).However, the "flower shell" does these beautiful creatures, but rather only to frighten them.
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Brazilian Gorbatka

sleep of reason produces monsters!These words are perfectly suited for the characteristics of the next representative of the ugly insects - Brazilian Gorbatka.This unpleasant creature can rightly be called one of the worst in the world of insects.His body is surrounded by a variety of processes, spines, appendages, tubercles, with touch function.Chitin is a cover protects the "monster" of the attack on him various predators.Growths on the back Gorbatka may be the most incredible and diverse forms: horn combs, balls, spikes, etc.And after all this is not just!As mentioned just above, these chitinous outgrowths Gorbatko perfectly protect against attacks on her various predators.The principle of the survival of states: the uglier you look, the more you have a better chance of survival.
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Her second name - Brigandine centipede.If we talk about a particular form called a giant centipede, this ugly creation reaches a length of 26 cm!It attacks the mice, frogs, lizards and even birds.Females are considered poisonous.Curiously, the centipede itself does not bite, but it can creep into a person's home (for example, in the tent tourists), run by the skin of people, leaving a trace of slime burning.In some cases, a burn can be fatal to humans.