What is "behavior" in sociology

Ā«Behavior" - a concept that has come from psychology to sociology.It is to share the concept of action, activity and behavior.Actions and activities usually have a rationale, purpose, carried out deliberately by a strategically certain methods and means.The behavior of the individual is more likely a reaction to changes (internal or external).

norms of social behavior, principles

basic principles and norms of social behavior is called the behavior is identical to the status expectations.Company due to these expectations can likely predict the behavior of the individual.Also, the individual himself is coordinating itself in accordance with the social attitudes and models.

Concurring with the social behavior of the plants commonly called social role.Along with this concept stand
s the concept of "role-complex" (a system of role expectations) and "role conflict" (the incompatibility of different status and role expectations within a single image of behavior).

In the most general sense of the social behavior of the individual is manifested, first of all, in accordance with the level of its socialization.It is known that the level of biological instincts of all people about the same, but the behavior depends on the qualities that it acquires in the process of joining the society (as well as from the acquired and congenital mental characteristics).

social behaviors

for development and achievement of the goals people normally uses two types of social behavior - ritual and natural.They distinguish between these two types of behavior fundamentally.

natural behavior is usually directed to the individual goals centered egoistic aspirations of the individual.That is why the individual is trying to reach this goal by any means.This type of behavior is not socially regulated and, therefore, may be considered immoral and inconsiderate.The natural behavior of people focused on the satisfaction of their natural needs.Natural behavior is usually based on social agreements and reciprocal concessions on the part of individuals.

ritual behavior - thanks to this type of behavior society continues to exist.Various rituals are deeply permeate social life, people may not even notice that every day there in the ritual interaction.This type of behavior is a means of maintaining a stable social order.Thanks to such forms of interaction individual can achieve social well-being by supporting and enhancing their status.Especially strong are considered to be cooperative (altruistic) and parental behaviors.