To avoid mistakes, it is recommended to adhere to the following tips:

1 The order must contain all the required details, according to the regulations of the Central Bank.

2 Do not miss the information about the VAT.

3 Payment order number indicated in figures.If the number contains more than three digits, you should pay attention to the last three digit number, which must be different from "000".

4 date of preparation of the payment order must be in the format DD.MM.YYYY (month can specify words).

5 Specify the type of payment (by mail, telegram or electronically).

6 The amount should be reported since the beginning of the line, capitalized words without cutting the word "ruble" and "cents".When you specify the amount of

payment figures rubles cents separated by a dash.

7 Under "name of the payer" specify the legal form and name of the payer and the name account number, the data serving the credit institution.

8 Specify the account number of the payer.

9 Specify the name and location of the payer's bank, the BIC and its correspondent bank account number.Also specify the name and address of the beneficiary bank, the BIC and its correspondent account number.

10 Enter the name and legal form of the beneficiary's assets, as well as the account number.

11 In the "Type of operation" is affixed 01.

12 Counts "maturity" and "purpose of payment code" and "code" are not filled to the instructions of the Bank Rosii.

13 next payment is affixed in accordance with the law.

14 Enter the full purpose of the payment.

15 In the presence of the press put down it in the appropriate place.

16 Put your signature where appropriate.

17 Specify all required VAT.

18 Specify the appropriate status of the taxpayer.

19 Specify CPT payer and the recipient.

20 In the budget classification code, and the code OKATO enter the appropriate code.

21 In the "Payment Details" select the appropriate code.

22 "code field of the tax period" must be completed and consist of 10 characters, in accordance with the type of payment.

23 Select the appropriate document number and type of payment.

To properly and correctly fill in the payment order stick to these tips, but if you can not specify any value of the index document to be put down to "0".