Tip 1: How to book a ferry

ferry service between St. Petersburg and the city located on the coast of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, is widely used by Russian citizens for leisure and business purposes.How to book ferry tickets?
Buy a ticket for a cruise along the North and Baltic Sea in one of the travel agencies, which will take over the entire organization, including booking tickets for the ferry.However, this method - the most expensive.However, turagentsvo and can act as an intermediary between you and the ferry facilities.
independently contact the ferry facility.His office is in Moscow (Gateway nab. 8, entrance 3, office 101) and St. Petersburg (ul. Vosstaniya, d. 19).
Book tickets by calling the office Ferry Center.Phone number in Moscow: (499) 678-21-62.Phones in St. Petersburg (812) 327-33-77 (tickets on the ferry);(812) 321-29-26 (cargo ferries reservation).
Ferry Point in the center of a request by e-mail (e-mail box center: info@paromy.ru) or visit www.paromy.ru and fill out
the order form, which should be indicated:

- country and port of departure;
- country and port of arrival;
- the date of departure;
- the name of the ferry company (if you have any preferences);
- class cabin;
- the number of passengers and vehicles;
- your name, phone number, email address;
- the place and form of payment.

Specify additional conditions and travel if necessary (food, hotel reservations, air and railway tickets).
If 14 days prior to departure you do not submit payment (cash in the office center Ferry, credit card or via electronic payment system «ASSIST»), the reservation will be canceled.
accessed via the Internet directly to one of the ferry companies.For example, the popular among Russian tourists and business people Finnish company "Viking Line» (http://www.vikingline.fi/info/russian.asp) or in Russia - ST.PETER LINE (http://www.stpeterline.com/ru/Home.aspx).

Tip 2: How to book ferry tickets to St. Petersburg - Helsinki line

Order ferry tickets Saint Petersburg - Helsinki in on-line mode can be on various Internet resources that provide similar services.Of the many suggestions you can choose the one that meets all the requirements of the client.
How to book ferry tickets to St. Petersburg - Helsinki online
you need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - phone.
Please visit 007bilet.ru, are invited to purchase tickets on the ferry delivered to the office or home at any convenient time.Also, resource efficiency and ensure high quality of service in fulfilling orders.The site number is specified hour phone 007 call in which you can book tickets and get a free certificate of their presence, as well as to clarify the timetable of the ferry.An operator will answer all your questions and order.
Delivery of tickets by courier to any part of St. Petersburg and in the next suburbs around the clock.The cost of this service starts from 160 rubles.You can also make an order for tickets for the ferry St. Petersburg - Helsinki, by calling (812) 331-92-91.The cost of tickets is available at 007bilet.ru varies from 18 to 383 euros, depending on the class cabins and day of the week on which you ordered the place on the ferry.The fee for registration of the ferry ticket at this site will be charged.
Among other things, the company "Service Center", located on the site 007bilet.ru, offers assistance in obtaining Finnish visas.Attention to the client is also provided special offers ferry companies, including a variety of promotions and discounts;Description ferries and cabins, as well as detailed data traffic patterns boats.
Visit resource lowfly.ru, offering services for the sale of tickets for the ferries in the mode of on-line.Here you can view the schedule of ferries, reserve tickets and to carry out their immediate redemption.To quickly accept credit / debit cards.Read the instructions on the reservation and redeem tickets for ferries, or call +78127027190 (for Saint Petersburg) or 78003331330 (other regions of Russia).
  • On-line agency LowFly