most inexplicable, the enigmatic and mysterious event is mirotochenie icons and relics.Initially it is necessary to explain what is meant by the word "mirotochenie."Mirotochenie - a phenomenon in Christianity where the icons and holy relics moisture begins to emerge, which in its structure and has an oily smell fragrant, it is a different color from bright red to bright shades.In people, this miracle describe in one sentence "icon cry."

Mirotochenie as a phenomenon

Around the world there are thousands of mirotocheniya, and all of these cases give rise to disputes.People are divided into two camps: believers who believe mirotochenie sign, a sign from above, and the people who are trying to find an explanation of those events with the help of science.
Skeptics tend to consider only the ointment moisture, which alloc
ates drying wood painting icons.

mirotochenie the first time it was noticed and sealed in the annals in 1040, later in 1087 was seen mirotochenie holy relics of St. Nicholas.It is believed that streaming myrrh icons before the big event, particularly in front of wars or disasters.Believers tend to see the world in the allocation of a divine sign, warning.

Mirotochenie in time of peace is due to the proximity of God, his favor, so the faithful rush to touch the miracle, to pray in the temple or in the house where mirotochenie recorded.


Laboratory tests have shown that the ointment - a liquid of organic origin.There she explained.The most interesting thing was revealed after the study of fluid taken from a single icon, the results were amazing, they argued that the liquid is fully consistent with real human tears.

antiquity or novelty of the icons are not important for mirotocheniya, as well as icons of the material, it can be wood, glass, paper, all these materials can act myrrh.The shape and size of the drops vary, sometimes they streamed across the web, sometimes only show through in some areas.The consistency of the ointment is diverse, it can be thick and viscous or easy as a dewdrop.

miracle can call those cases when a person was anointed the world cares and heals.
miracle of healing in the world of medicine known as nothing more than a placebo effect.Vera human is so strong that the body heals itself.

Also worm-Miro, tears, and blood stood out, which meant that the image of the saint inflicted wound - it was an example of the people so that they understand that you can not insult the shrine.All these wonderful mirotocheniya - organic origin that are controlled by nature.