Paris museums

city is famous for the abundance of a variety of museums.The most famous of the Louvre Museum with a collection of masterpieces of world art created before the beginning of the XX century.Among the attractions of the Louvre - a rich Egyptian collection, as well as numerous artifacts found by French archaeologists in the Middle East.Also in the Louvre, you can see many works of European art, including the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

lovers of impressionism should be interested in the Musée d'Orsay, and modern art can be enjoyed at the Pompidou Center - one of the most original buildings of Paris.

In Paris you can find a very unusual museum, which is to go alone or with friends.These include the Museum of sewage - you can see the history
of the underground part of the city.Be careful - the smell in this museum is very bad, as you descend directly to the wastewater.One of the darkest places in Paris - it's Catacombs dungeon, in which the remains were moved from the old cemeteries of Paris.There you will be able to talk about the specifics of French burial culture of different eras.
Some Parisian museums you can get for free in one of the Monday of the month.

Theaters Paris

Paris is known as a major center of European theater.If you look dramatic performance without the knowledge of French, you will be hard, the Paris Opera, and is readily available for foreigners.Tickets to quite expensive, but there are discounts for youth and students.These bonuses can benefit foreigners.

Paris preserved and traditional theater.Residents of the city are visited often, so this presentation are designed primarily to tourists.We Parisians themselves much more popular, such as circuses.At the beginning of September each year in the district of La Defense is a festival of street art with performances by comedians, jugglers, acrobats.The festival is held in the open air, and free admission to all ideas.

Fashion and gastronomy

Paris is famous for its trendy shops.The easiest way to make purchases in large shopping centers, for example in Galeries Lafayette.Also, you can find shops of leading world manufacturers of clothing and accessories on the Champs Elysees.It is best to come to Paris for shopping during sales - they are held in January and July each year.Such sales - this is a real opportunity to purchase items of luxury brands at a discount of 30 to 80%.

Gourmets will also be able to find many interesting things in Paris.In the morning several times a week in different parts of Paris fairs are held.On them you can buy farm cheeses, pates, meats, and fresh bread, a variety of vegetables and fruits.It also sold delicious ready-made meals - fried chicken, sausages with sauerkraut, couscous.

If you do not hit the market, visit the meat, fish and cheese shop - you can find there is much more fresh and interesting products than in supermarkets.Parisian restaurants are also worth your attention. aware that many restaurants are only open for lunch and in the evening - from 12 to 14 and after 19 hours.

When choosing a place for dinner is not afraid to stray from the tourist routes.Pay attention to the occupancy of the hall - in good places with reasonable prices for lunch quite often there is a turn.