Change activities necessary even workaholics.Rested person is ready for such feats of labor, and to think about which terrible.But those lucky people who have seen the most beautiful places on the planet, created by nature itself, not only the will to work hard, but also inspired by the achievements of all the friends and acquaintances.It therefore worth the risk and go to unusual tourist places to relax really.

dangerous place for fans of extreme sports

One of the most beautiful places in the world are in South America.This Mount Roraima his massive flat-topped.Clouds envelop her rock breaks off almost vertically down.Tourist walk, full of temptations and dangers, starting with a small path, leaving from the village Paratepui, is on steep slopes and trails.Most importantly - listen to guides.In the mountains of South America liv
es mass of dangerous animals, as the mountains themselves is very insidious.For climbing stock up sunscreen, insect repellant, don comfortable, safe shoes.And, of course, do not forget your camera, because you are going to one of the most beautiful places of the Earth. It is this mountain prompted Conan Doyle to write the famous "Lost World."

and to the west of the Australian continent there is a real miracle - the horizontal waterfalls, which are located in the Gulf of Talbot.Of course, this horizontal waterfalls in the traditional sense do not exist, the whole thing flows in, the terrain and the winds, they create the illusion of horizontal waterfalls.Explore this unique place is dangerous, exciting and interesting.Do not forget the life jackets, before getting into the boat, and do not bring anything that will not stand the water pressure.

In Vietnam, the jungle is a beautiful cave named Hang Dong Son, it is considered the largest cave in the world.The beauty of this place is breathtaking, the height of the cave is about 240 m, here you can "park" a few dozen aircraft.It is quite easy to lose the habit, so bring a flashlight and a compass. Hang Dong Son literally means "Mountain River Cave".

ideal place for a beautiful honeymoon

The mysterious India has an incredible Valley of Flowers.This national park is considered by many the most beautiful flowers in the world place.All the riot of colors, delicious flavors - as if came from fairy tales.Here, huge butterflies fly, home to rare animals and birds.Walking here takes you into an absolute fairy-tale world.Visiting the Valley of flowers may be the most romantic experience of your life, so here it is necessary to go on their honeymoon.