During assembly of the rear hub is necessary to consider that the right and left ends of the axis are different.Right fixed to the axle by means of locknuts, and then never removed from her.Therefore, all adjustments are left cone.Not to be confused with what the parties have to insert the hub axis to the right cone.
laid in the hub shell and cup bearings on both sides of the new, grease, and then using tweezers grab the balls and push them into it.A lubricant layer should be thick enough so that the balls are not able to roll out of the sleeve.
the right side of the rear hub to apply the puck balls and insert the cone axis to the
right.This should be done carefully.Otherwise, you risk losing balls that could fall out of the cup bearing on the opposite side.
Tighten left axle cone, but in any case do not tighten it.Then put the washer and screw the locknut.
Now you need to adjust the bearings.To do this, provide a fixed axis.Call Assistant, which helps you keep right on turning the cone, and you at this time, adjust the left cone.In the absence of an assistant hold the lock nut right cone in a vise, but do it carefully so as not to deform the nut and bushing.
With tapered cone wrench tighten the left until it stops, but do not tighten it and hold at 45 degrees.Then, holding the cone wrench, tighten the lock nut.All this time, the axis of the sleeve must be stationary.
If done correctly, the axis will rotate easily, without any jamming.Thus it should not have a large play.If you notice play or jamming unscrew the locknut and tighten or loosen the cone.
After adjustment, put the anthers and check the rotation of the wheel which should rotate without any effort only by the weight of the pin.