you need
  • - jack,
  • - Sledgehammer,
  • - mount - pcs.,
  • - key for the wheel nuts to 27 mm,
  • - spare camera.
car with worn tires and worn tread akin gvozdeuborochnomu combine.She picks up all the sharp objects scattered on the road.And if bad luck pursues motorist, then for one trip, he will be able to pierce not one, but two, or even three wheels.Though rare, but there are such cases.
The leadership cleaning the roadway sharp objects belong to our Kamaz.Drivers who work for them, never ceases to amaze: and as soon as designers from Naberezhnye Chelny managed so accurately determine the distance between the rear axle that no flight is complete w
ithout a puncture in the tire, and travel by truck on a business trip without a pair of replacement cells is considered recklessact.For example, the wheels of heavy machinery for this you will learn how to repair any wheel .
probably avtozavodchane time revealed characteristic feature of KAMAZ vehicles not to leave after driving on the road nails and other sharp objects, otherwise it is difficult to explain why their wheels of steel produced slightly smaller diameter, which greatly facilitated the work of the drivers for the repair of tireswhich is as follows:
- set the jack and lift one side of the bridge,
- ¬ęballoon" key on 27 mm, remove the five wheel nuts on the hub,
- tapped with a hammer on wedges, remove them from the studs;
- from the valve chamber, remove the spool,
- after venting the residual pressure of the tires on the drive using a sledgehammer precipitates retaining ring,
- Pry remove the lock as a cut ring,
- remove the tire,
- from the tire, remove the flipper and the camera,
- locate and remove the object prokolovshy wheel ;
- the bus insert an entire camera, and put it on a disk;
- to lay on top of the tire retaining ring, and install the disk lock.
assembled wheel mounted and fastened on the hub on the camera, attach the valve hose nozzle swap, then pumped air into the tire until the pressure reaches 6.5 atmospheres.