starters installed on the VAZ-2101-2107, have no fundamental differences from the starters that are placed on the model VAZ-2108-21099.The only difference - the front sleeve starters the front-mounted on the clutch housing, not on the body of the starter.

If the starter does not crank the engine in the first place to ensure the battery in good condition.The easiest way - click on the horn.If the signal is loud and clear, then the starter is faulty, or if wheezing or does not work while warning lights go out - discharged battery.

Next, you need to make sure in good condition suitable to the starter wire and check the starter relay through which power is supplied to the control wire retractor starter relay.If all cables are correct and the power is supplied to the starter, you can proceed to t
he verification of the starter.

Troubleshooting starter

initially determined by the behavior of the fault can be the starter when you try to start the car.Structurally, the starter consists of three main blocks replaced, the fault of each of which can be readily identified.This magnetic switch, overrunning clutch (colloquially "bendeks") and the motor winding.Most often fail retractor and bendeks.

When the ignition key is a loud click, the starter motor does not rotate - at the same time go out warning lights and can also be very warm up the battery terminals, it points to the closure of the windings of the motor starter or the production of sleeves, the rotor warping and closes to ground.

If when turning the key a series of audible clicks and the starter motor does not rotate - this indicates a malfunction of the retractor relay.Repair retractor is usually ineffective, and it must be replaced.

When the key is turned in the rotation starter noise is heard, but the flywheel car starter is not spinning, then it means that the overrunning clutch is broken - bendeks.The clutch is not repaired and replaced by a new one.

Repair starter

Repair starter on the vehicle is not possible, it must be removed for inspection and repair.If the diagnosis is established that the retractor defective, it is replaced without disassembly of the starter.The relay is secured to the starter housing by three screws.You also need to unscrew the nut retaining the positive cable from the starter motor windings.When removing the relay is disengaged from the lever of overrunning clutch, when installing a new switch, it engages the lever and secured with screws.

When faults freewheel starter will have to disassemble.To do this, remove the two screws on the back cover and remove the cover.Remove the two nuts on the housing and remove the brushes from the rotor stater.Overrunning clutch to the rotor will remain held by the locking ring.Remove the retaining ring and replace overrunning clutch.During assembly check the condition of the starter brushes and replace if necessary.

If suspected circuit or open windings, disassemble the starter and rang winding ohmmeter.If there is a fault or breaks, replace the coil.Also check the condition of plugs to eliminate the distortion in the rotor circuit.If there is a big gap, replace the plug.When pressing the new bushings caution, becausesleeves made of brass and rather fragile - can crack.