you need
  • - passport;
  • - two sheets of paper;
  • - documents sold real estate.
If you have a contract for purchase sale in notarial form or ask for help from a law firm, you need not worry about the legal aspect of writing the contract.Experts will take into account all the nuances and the structure of documents in strict accordance with current legislation.Also in case of loss of the document, you can always apply for a duplicate.The cost of 1% of the price of the sold property.
To write a document in writing, read with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation at the time of contract execution.
contract you can send on a normal sheet
of paper in two copies.At the signing of the document requires the presence of two witnesses by the seller and by the buyer.
At the beginning of the contract specify who, with whom, when and about what made a pact.In the center of the sheet write « Treaty purchase and sale ».
Then the points describe the conditions sale and purchases (article number 432, number 554 of the Civil Code), all the technical parameters of the property price (article number 317 of the Civil Code), the area of ​​apartments (Article number55 of the Civil Code).
At the end of the contract set a date signatures.By your signature, specify passport details, name of attending witnesses, their signatures.
Remember that the purchase contract sale - this promise, but promise not to perform (article number 454 of the Civil Code).Therefore, the document is void without state registration of property rights in FUGRTS (Federal Law № 122-F3, article number 131 of the Civil Code, article number 164 of the Civil Code, article number 433 of the Civil Code).
For the state registration of property rights, contact FUGRTS a statement and set of documents, pay the fee for registration.After 1 month of your right to the property register and be given a certificate of ownership.
Also do not forget that, making an agreement in writing, you run the risk that the transaction may be declared invalid pursuant to Articles number 2965, № 3075. This can happen if it is discovered,The seller at the time of sale apartment has been recognized by the court as incapable or suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and was inadequate, what you did not know and could not know.When the notary contract will not happen, because the notary is obliged to ensure the full responsibility and capacity of the parties entering into a transaction (the Notary Law of the Russian Federation).