read the text several times.Do not try to remember the story from the first reading.The minimum number of repetitions for the full text of the study - three.The bigger, the better.Read in silence, do not be distracted, try to completely surrender to the product.
Read aloud.So you engage and auditory memory, which will improve the results of memorization.You can ask parents or friends to help you in this matter.Sit down, relax, provide quiet and listen carefully.At the same time try not to refer to the reading of the story to you as a school assignment.
hearken to the meaning and essence of the story.If you understand what it is about, to learn the text will be much easier.Reading the same story as the individual proposals, without tying the
m together, you will not see the whole picture completely, which will affect your understanding, and memorability.
Highlight key points in the development of events.In any story, it is possible to find such events, which serve the development of the plot and the story linked together.Write them down on paper in the form of several items.Such a summary reference to help you better navigate the story.
looking at getting points, gradually built around them details of the events.Again, refer to the text, if you do not go out to remember what is happening in the story.
Repeat reading the story after the rest.Many hours of cramming will not give positive results.Give yourself a break, switch to something else.And after a couple of hours once again return to the text.Before the lesson, review the text, but do not read it.Otherwise, the memory will be only one piece of work, you have time to read over the break.