text of research must not contain any stylistic, spelling and grammatical errors.The total volume of the main part of the work must be no more than 30-35 pages.The text is printed with 1.5 line spacing, font size 14 pages numbered in Arabic numerals.Number of place in the upper right corner.
Basic charts, tables and graphs place during the presentation.Additional materials will be located in the annex.Tables should be numbered consecutively with Arabic letters within the section.When you move the table to the next sheet write the word "continuation".
Obey uniform way of references to the sources.Direct quotation must be enclosed in quotes.
on the front page of the top enter the organization, which carried out your research work.In the midd
le of the sheet write the name of your theme, specifying the type of research (diploma, course work).Below the right last name, first name and patronymic, scientific supervisor - Nameposition, rank.At the bottom of the title page set the venue and the year of work.Sample fine form at the Methodist Take your institution.Arrange the table of contents.Each section to the page number.
followed by an introduction, in which specify the relevance, purpose and objectives of the study.Specify the research methods that were used for writing.Introduction to enable the introduction of an idea about the theme of your work.
main part of the research work should reflect: the validity of the chosen direction of research, the method of solving the problem, the nature and content of the research, their fitness for purpose.Each chapter begins with a new page.
conclusion contains brief conclusions on the results of your research and suggestions for their practical use.
application, start with a new sheet.Specify the upper right word "application".The application must have a title.Pagination of research and the application must be through.
complete your list of references in alphabetical order of authors' names.