can use very simple and traditional way: introduce students must write on the blackboard his name and patronymic.Then kindly tell us about his subject, that you will take with them this year and what materials besides textbooks and notebooks need students.The first lesson in any case can not intimidate students too strict rules, or put your subject in a better light than subjects colleagues.If the children in the class and remember the names of a lot until you get in the beginning of the lesson, give each of the card, ask the large and clearly write their name on it and put in front of him on the desk.
Use the form to explore.After the main view, you can distribute pr
inted questionnaires to students inscribed to his name, the data about the parents, hobbies, home address.This method is particularly suitable for the new class teacher and high school students.A method of dating is quite formal, but you have on hand will be immediately all information about the charges.
story about yourself.The teacher himself can begin to tell the class about yourself, about your hobbies, interests, family.Then turn passes to students.Your honesty will cause, and their sincerity.To the disciples were not lost on the board are issued basic questions: "What is your name", "What subjects like school, and why," "In addition to my studies, I do ..." You can spend prepared homeroom about themselves or their interests, to which the studentsand the teacher bring interesting photos from your life and share their passions.
you can offer your students tell their own story about the teacher, even if the children first see you in front of him.To do this, write down the words on the board that are associated with you, such as: "Children," "Russian language", "Samara", "dog", "Books."Now ask a few students to these words to tell a story about a teacher.These stories will be something different to each other, but the students will already be clear what your subject - the Russian language, you love children, you are a native of Samara, you have a dog, and in the evenings you are reading the book.The unusual form of presentation makes the lesson more interesting, and now the children themselves talk time and can tell you about myself.
nomination.For pupils of 1-7 classes can be arranged a little game in which they talk about themselves, and even fun.The board issued several nominations: "The most intelligent," "the most educated," "the most caring," "The biggest restless," "most beautiful", etc.Options nominations mass, the more fun they are, the more fun the game will be held.Then, each student is assigned their guys nomination.It is necessary to avoid insulting the nominations for children, so that your first lesson in the classroom is not perceived by anyone as something unpleasant.
Another fun way to get acquainted with the class is a comic game.It is particularly suitable for grades 1-5.The teacher asks questions, and those guys who can answer in the affirmative, should wave or clap in response to the teacher.Possible questions and greetings: "Hi, girls!", "Good morning, boys!", "Who among you is the smartest?", "Who loves sweets?", "Who's the most beautiful?", "Who has a brother?".The game is usually fun, but teachers need to create a cheerful mood initially.
Another game for a quick introduction to the class known as "Snowball," it is well suited for the classes, where children as yet unfamiliar with each other.Its excellent conduct including English, in various clubs and studios.First the student must give his name and tell some more its quality or hobby, such as "Peter, I love to play football."Second student repeats, pointing to the first: "Peter loves to play football," and then calls his name and passion.The third follows the names and interests of two students and their calls.The game takes fun to the last student has met all the class and learns each other's names.