you need
  • - certificate of education;
  • - passport.
Select the appropriate educational institution in accordance with the results of the exam passed (after 11th grade) or DPA (after grade 9).If you graduated from grade 11 with sufficiently high scores on exams, but did not have time to prepare documents on time, try to contact the appropriate high schools in your city.Perhaps the beginning of the school year on various specialties were available training places, and even in October, for you can make an exception and take the student to one of the already established groups.
Try to enroll in the correspondence department.Recruitment of students for this type of study usually lasts longer than
on internal, because the number of applicants is relatively small, and classes often begin just in October.
enrolled in specialized secondary school or college after the 9th grade.These institutions are also often set a sufficiently long deadline for applications, so the chances to do in October is quite high.The training will last for 1.5-3 years, and at the end of it you'll be able to go to college and study it under the reduced program.If you have already completed ssuz, find out where and at what time you can apply for further training.
Browse websites of various educational institutions in your city, and to ring up their reception.If some of these enrollment was not well in the summer, and the commission may consider your application, even if you submit it in October.
Consider the option of temporary employment at the time of finding a suitable institution.At present, it is quite possible to find a job for graduates in grades 9-11.In parallel with the work practice, you can continue the search for schools, students are ready to enroll and later deadlines.