If the manager is not properly performing their duties, understand the reason for poor labor productivity.Take all necessary measures so that he changed his attitude.
To improve management, decide the factors that affect the successful execution of their professional duties to them.These include job satisfaction, social status, the aesthetics of the workplace.Create Manager for good working conditions, set the air conditioner in the room, to maintain a comfortable temperature for the air.
also provide good sound insulation and make sure the proper coverage of the workplace.Not so long ago, scientists learned th
at the 1 second average person can normally absorb 6-7 alphanumeric characters.In this regard, the performance of his duties to allocate adequate amount of time.Develop a flexible system of premiums and bonuses.This, of course, will motivate managers to work faster and more productively.
also very important to create a team of your company a good microclimate that allows all employees to work in a spirit of mutual understanding and friendship, which undoubtedly will affect the success and profitability of your company.
If you use all the methods described above did not lead to tangible results and the manager is still working very badly, it may be worthwhile to resort to sanctions.Using the tactics of carrot and stick, you can significantly increase the amount of sales of goods manufactured by your company.Job Manager will require many human skills.