you need
  • - an order of the director;
  • employment contract;
  • - entry in the workbook.
To qualify for the position of Commercial Director , you need to have a higher professional (economic or legal) education, as well as experience in leadership positions for at least 3 years.Commercial director should know the commercial, financial, investment and tax legislation, especially the work of the enterprise and prospects of its development, the procedure for the development of business plans, the bas
ics of accounting and financial planning procedure for the conclusion of economic and financial instruments, the basics of labor law.
As CFO - this is one of the leading positions in the company, it would be logical to agree on his nomination to the owners of the company (the founders).As a rule, the commercial director of appointed chief accountants.Needless appointment and dismissal of the director of commercial out by the order of the director.The workbook employee assigned to the position of Commercial Director , an entry is made for a transfer to the position of Commercial Director by an order of the director.
Commercial Director, subject only to the head of the company and he is one of the senior people in the firm.He is responsible for the operations of the company, coordinates its work, the company endorses the budget for next year, is responsible for the system of accounting for all financial transactions, etc.
In addition, on the shoulders of the commercial director bear responsibility for the performance of their duties, the offense in the course of their activities, liability for damage to the company.
For security information leakage with the commercial director advisable to enter into a contract of employment, where to write his fundamental rights and duties.Including the need to provide in the contract clauses on non-proliferation of confidential information and on liability for damage in the event of early termination of the contract on the initiative of the employee.Sign a contract with a commercial director can only persons who have the founders' credentials.
Please note that there may be cases where the sales manager is appointed one of the founders of the company if it has a higher special education.With it you can also sign a contract with the above recommendations.