First, it should be noted that the schedule of holidays must execute all organizations, regardless of the number of employees in the state.The main annual leave is 28 calendar days.It can be increased, for example, when working in the Far North, or close to it areas.
First you have to fill in the "cap" forms.Enter here the name of the organization in accordance with the constituent documents.Then, in a small plate, a three-count and two lines, enter the serial number of the document, the date of its execution and the year to which the compiled form.
That right is up to you, that is the line "Approved" and "Date", do not need to fill out.This is the place to leav
e the head.
main text of the schedule presented in the form of a table which consists of ten count.The first point is a structural unit in which the employee works, such as HR or management.In the second column, write a post occupied by an employee (preferably without abbreviations).Then specify the name and patronymic.In the fourth column of the personnel put down employee number.
In the next column write the number of vacation days.Remember that it may be at the request of the worker is divided into parts, one of which shall not be less than fourteen days.In the sixth column, specify the scheduled date of release, and in the next put down the actual, that is, the graph will fill you for a year as employees leaving on vacation.
If the holiday was moved, then enter the base, for example, the statement of the employee and the date of the alleged release position (note that while the worker must choose).In the tenth column enter any notes.
Schedule holiday sign at the head of the personnel department, then give the approval of the head of the organization.