you need
  • - milliamp;
  • - voltmeter.
Prepare gauges to work.Place them in a horizontal position, convenient to use.Set the zero position of the scale using the equalizer.Connect the test cables to the respective terminals of the voltmeter and milliammeter.Set the switches on the instrument the largest measuring range.Ground the measurement devices and connect them to the mains.
Choose a voltmeter to measure the constant or variable values.DC voltage measurement corresponds to the inscription DCV or V on a scale measuring device.Measure the DC voltage at the poles of the battery (the battery terminals, the power supply outputs).To do this, connect the positive terminal of the device in red measuring cable (wire) to the positive pole of the battery (the battery)
, and negative - the black cable to the negative terminal.Reduce the limit of measurement until until you get the desired accuracy.
Measure the AC mains voltage (of the chain).AC voltage measurement corresponds to the inscription or ACV V ~ measurement instrument scale.To connect the terminals of measuring instruments with different polarity when measured variables does not matter.
By analogy with the voltage measurement measure DC and AC current in the electrical network.In this scheme, which connects the meter and must be pre-open, and the device must be switched on after loading.