Under the basic science research to understand the theoretical and experimental research in various fields of scientific activity.Its purpose is to identify the most general laws inherent in the phenomena of reality.Fundamental science is responsible for formulating the principles of both the natural sciences and the humanities.In the framework developed by the basic theoretical concepts that are the foundation for applied research.
aim of fundamental science is not an immediate implementation of the revealed principles and laws in practice.This is its main difference from the applied science.However, the concrete results of basic research are often utilitarian use, affec
ting the practical use of the revealed laws.At the heart of almost all the discoveries and technological solutions are the knowledge gained in the framework of fundamental science.
Initially area of ​​fundamental research interest was science.The science of nature is largely dependent on the theoretical constructs that explain numerous facts collected by naturalists.Currently, basic research is increasingly shifting towards the humanities.It also requires the synthesis and development of basic scientific principles.
main function of fundamental science - epistemological, that is cognitive.In the course of such investigations produced ideas about the laws of nature and society that are universal.The essential features of basic science traditionally include spatial and temporal generality of the research, as well as the presence of certain methodological concept.
between basic science and applied fields of knowledge there are no insurmountable wall.In the course of solving fundamental scientific problems going on the discovery of new methods for solving applied problems.Therefore, the fundamental science has a certain practicality.For example, the findings of theoretical physics are widely used in the creation of new technologies.
major role in supporting basic science plays a state.This is due to the fact that the results of such surveys often are not viable and can not be directly applied in a practical and economic activity, and therefore need to target funding.