only has been included in the circuit through which current flows, a person becomes susceptible to defeat.Reasons for inclusion in the chain may differ: imprudent to touch exposed wires, the use of the body of the appliance with damaged insulation, touch the conductor become live.
Much less is known danger of electric shock if it enters the zone of so-called "step voltage ».So called voltage that occurs when the contact is broken and the ground wire power line voltage.
If the line is not turned off, the current continues to flow through the wire.The reason for this is the fact that the earth conducts electricity.Any point on the ground surface in the area of ​​incidence in this case the wire has a certain potential.This potential is greater the closer to your point of contact with the ground wire.
When the person's feet touch the two points on the surface of the earth, having different potentials, a person is under the influence of an electric current.The wider the pitch, the greater the potential difference and the more likely that will happen electric shock.
magnitude stepper voltage is directly dependent on the resistivity of the soil cover, as well as the strength of the current flowing through the circuit.The greatest value of step voltage has fallen approaching the wire, the lowest voltage is observed at a distance of more than twenty meters from the wire.
If you get into a zone of step voltage a person observed spasmodic contraction of the muscles in the legs, which can lead to a fall.Step voltage in the fall on the person ceases to act as the image of another way for the passage of the current (at the hands of the feet).That is what creates a mortal danger.
Once in range of the voltage step , should leave her very short steps, and even better - jumping on one leg.
If you see a wire lying on the ground, in any case, do not approach him.The affected area may be located within a radius of eight meters around the site of contact with the ground wire.Wet soil increases the space where it is possible defeat.
forbidden to approach the wire located on the ground or a man lying in the affected area.It is impossible to tear off the soles of the soil to make broad steps or run.Movement is exclusively "goose step".It does not touch the people affected by the shock without first de-energized power line.