define the concept of the studio: the age category of the students offered dance styles, pricing, schedule.It should be noted that the most active audience dance students are people under 35 years old.And the most popular dance styles such as Latin, a strip of plastic, belly dance, tango, r'n'b, jazz modern.Also in business planning is necessary to pay attention to the seasonality and demanded during the day.The peak attendance of a dance studio in the spring and autumn.Adult audience prefers to engage in the evening.All of this has a direct impact on the policy of the rental premises.
Select location studio, both terr
itorially and in terms of space.Dance studios are often located in the fitness center (where the customer receives a range of services in one place) and cultural centers (which are usually requested available to rent, and sometimes there is a ready-made for dance room).Square dance hall must be at least 80 sq.m.It is necessary to ensure non-slip and shock-absorbing flooring (unpolished parquet, laminate board), as well as equip the room mirrors a minimum height of two meters, preferably without a large number of joints.Hall should have good ventilation and acoustics.Take care of comfortable dressing room and a recreation area, where you could comfortably stay after school, drink water.
Pay particular attention to recruiting.Quite often customers visit a particular dance studio only because of the particular teacher.You have in the state must not only be professional choreographers and people who can provide a comfortable psychological atmosphere in the classroom, as well as individual approach to each pupil.You will need 5-6 hourly teachers, administrators, and the cleaning lady.
Think campaign.Generally, people choose dance studio, located near the place of employment or near the house.So it makes sense to distribute your printed promotional materials (leaflets, flyers, booklets) locally, in areas with the largest cross your target audience in the area of ​​the studio.Provide free trial lesson to attract customers.Design a beautiful and convenient site on which to place detailed information about the studio, schedules, prices and contact details.