Select the appropriate scope of activities to start their own business.Many areas of production and services in Thailand closed to firms owned by foreigners.For example, your company will not be able to engage in publishing activities related to the issue of the media.Also banned are many areas of agriculture, it has restricted the ability of foreign companies in the production of objects of traditional arts and crafts, export and sale of antiques and cultural values.But in some cases the problem can be solved by attracting business partners from among the nationals of Thailand.Each situation has to be questionable will discuss with the controlling public authorities before the opening of the business.You can safely invest in tourism or restaurant business, openi
ng hotels, cafes and restaurants - there are no strict restrictions for foreigners.
Decide which organizational form is best suited for your business.Only two basic forms.Partnership easier to open, but the private company may, at a certain level of financial turnover to pay taxes at a lower rate.The situation for your particular case will help clarify the lawyer.Best of all, if it is a specialist working in Thailand and is familiar with its realities.
Get business visa to enter Thailand.To do this, you must already be ready business project and obtained consent from the future of Thai partners, if any.It issued a document in the country's embassy in Moscow.
Arriving in Thailand, please contact the Commerce.There you will be given a list of documents required for business registration.It may differ depending on the specifics of your future business.Questions related to the purchase of land, provided it is for your business, settled in the Land Department.
pay the cost of business registration.In most cases, it amounts to 0.5% of the stated share capital.