citizens only going to appeal to the Pension Fund for a pension, you can make a statement and to simultaneously get your hands on the funded part of their pension.In order to receive such payment, a person must be eligible for appointment or retirement pension, he must already be retired.Another prerequisite - a person must be available retirement savings.That is, in a certain period the employer should carry out deductions from wages in the funded part of the pension.

for payment of pension savings right to have women younger born in 1957, men under the age born in 1953.Depending on the order in which the fund are pension funds, the procedure for obtaining funds will vary.

How to Get accumulation placed in the public pension fund

If you want to get savings, which are placed in the public pension fund, it is necessary to apply to the Department of Pension Fu
nd in the city where you live.To do this you need your passport and SNILS.FIU specialist will ask you to complete an application form and sign it.This application process is over.

specialist pension fund that will accept your statement, call your approximate dates of receipt of payment.She comes to the personal account, together with the regular pension payments.Pre-mail will document notifying that the payment is assigned.The payment will produce about one month after the date of the decision.

How to Get accumulation placed in private pension funds

When placing pension savings in the NPF - private pension funds - will be the next course of action.On the foundation's Web site, which hosts your retirement savings, you need to find a sample application for payment.All fields must be filled, but not to sign.After that, a statement and a passport to go to a notary public.There you certify signature on the application and make a certified copy of the passport.These documents, send a registered letter with acknowledgment to the private pension fund, which houses your retirement savings.

further procedure will be the same as when applying to the FIU.After some time after the treatment you receive in the mail a decision on the appointment of a lump sum.After that, you just have to wait for her.