psalms collected in the Psalter.It is a Biblical book of the Old Testament, including the Psalms 150, which is sung in the various trials of life.Psalms sung during the Jewish liturgy for Christian worship, including Protestant churches, there are even professional music and oral folklore.The Psalms in Christian worship chorus, rarely a small vocal ensemble at the church.These songs are performed a capella.In Christianity, regulated the singing of psalms, each Psalms indicated the correctness of its execution, in other words its formula tune.However, there are general rules of performance that is required to know and comply with.
Psalms have to perform on the old Russian language, correctly and clearly enunciating the words.Singing should be s
tanding, sitting or on your lap.Mandatory silence in the hall, where he performed a religious text.
When reading the Psalms, it is desirable to cover the woman's head with a handkerchief, and clothing should be modest, cover the body, hiding his elbows, feet.If you participate in the singing men, they are just behind the women.Psalm itself has four rules of reading:
- the daily cycle,
- kathismata,
- individual reading and life.
Reading the daily cycle.Each psalm is designed for a specific time of the day, which are the basis of the daily cycle.It is believed that the Psalms are connected with the history of creation of the world, the time of day, saving the world, or are related to life through Jesus Christ, so in the morning chant singsong morning psalms at lunchtime - psalms of creation, in the evening - praise, and those who talk aboutthe sacrifice of God's Son.
Verse kathismata.Psalms is divided into 20 kathismata (sections).In the performance of several psalms are read in a row, between which are executed extra prayers.The whole Psalter is designed for a week as every kathisma fixed the day of the week.
study of individual psalms - this individual rule.You can choose a certain psalms, but before they sing and then you should read special prayers.Also, some psalms can memorize, to use them as a basis for their prayers.In a difficult situation such psalms help you find the right path and strengthen the spirit.
Scripture reading life or knowledge of his own experience is the most effective way of reading, because people often do not read the Holy books are a righteous life than preachers.