Church Cathedral - a collection of the highest hierarchs of the Church, which are discussed and resolved issues related to church doctrine and peculiarities of religious practices.Also during the meeting may be submitted to disciplinary or other decisions concerning svyaschennosluzhiteley.Naibolee known the so-called Ecumenical s Cathedral, which set the basic teachings and practices of modern Christianity.They got this name because it carried out with the participation of all churches.With the separation of Orthodoxy from Catholicism or could no longer be carried out.Total Ecumenical s Cathedral was seven.The first took place in 325 a
t Nicaea.It adopted the "Creed" - determines the position of the Christian religion, it was also determined the celebration of Easter - one of the main Christian holidays.In subsequent Cathedral ah was formulated doctrine of the Trinity - one of the most controversial aspects of early Christianity, and the possibility was determined the veneration of icons.The Council also make their decision to condemn various heresies - deviations from the official veroucheniya.Krome generally accepted by all the churches of the Ecumenical Cathedral s were other so-called "predatory."They carried out supporters of various heresies to justify their interpretation of Christianity.They have not received official status, because they were not recognized by other Christian tserkvyami.Praktika Cathedral s continued after the separation of churches.For example, the last Catholic Cathedral was held at the Vatican in 1965 and secured a significant change as allowing the use of national languages ​​in the service.Before that, all the preaching and service were only in Latin.General Cathedral s Orthodox churches were not going to the XIV century, however, some representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church claimed that their renewal is necessary.Local the Cathedral s Russian Orthodox Church collected regularly.They serve primarily to elect a new patriarch.For example, on the last Cathedral th 2009 he became the patriarch of Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk.