you need
  • similar standard exhaust the parking brake Cable Lock, brackets lever to increase the force, the return spring for the lever, cables to the rear wheels, "swallow", the reference brake discs, two rollers, levers in the reardrums, bolts M6.
to repair handbrake but first remove the motor, otherwise the access to the site will be very difficult to repair.
now determine where to place the wiper switch.During the work in its place you set the handle exhaust.Drill a hole in the dashboard and insert the handle to the janitor.So it will be even better.
Instead wipers switch set exhaust brake lever.Place it at an angle of 45 degrees, so it is ideal in size.That is its great length of would get to the bottom of engine shield under the socket of a heater, and on
top it can be screwed to the dash.To do this, bend teploshumku and drill three holes for screws and wire.
Release the wire in the engine compartment, screw the handle to the dashboard.Now make a roller bracket and connect to it through the holes in the engine shield handle.
Then make another bracket and the second video clip to the left side member of the gearbox.Weld the bracket to it.
Now put the engine and the gearbox in place and proceed to the installation of the lever.To this end, the spar is welded to the bolt and podyschu suitable replacement.
Replace bearing wheels and levers in the rear brakes.Pull the cables from the rear drums.Hook them for "swallow" - a double bar with hooks for ropes and swinging sleeve for traction.During this operation, the pre-pull cables through their own arms and tie a knot.So you pick up the necessary length.Make sure that the nut is screwed on the rod is not until the end, and with a margin of room for locknuts.Without it, everything can fall off immediately.
In operation, carefully check that the cables do not grind on the spring.