you need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - wrenches;
  • - avtoodeyalo;
  • - vibroplasta sheets.
Read the instruction manual of your Priory.In the last trim with the machine comes with a special steel spacer, allowing the radiator shield of counter streams of cold air.For their installation is necessary to remove the bumper.In no case do not try to close the radiator rags or cardboard.They not only spoil the appearance of the car, but also carry a direct threat.Soaked cardboard devastating effect on the paintwork of the vehicle.Dry rags can ignite from a heated radiator well.
Remove carefully bumper cars, to get direct access to the radiator have.Inspect radiator cell well.If they are clogged, then thoroughly clean them.Zabivshayasya dirt prevents the proper functioning of the cooling system.Do not lean against the radiator have no stuff!Otherwise, there will be no air circulation.Radiator cease to receive the influx of air and overheat.
Remove the bumper grille radiator well.On the back of the glue of any thermal insulation material.For this purpose, a special heat-resistant film will fit on a sticky basis.It is available in different colors, so you can easily pick it up in the color of the car body.This will make it almost invisible from the outside.
Attach to the inside of a heat-resistant plate bumper.You can also use a piece of avtoodeyala.Need careful to close all large gap through which the motion is actively supplied air.Note that between the radiator itself th and closing the material should be at least 3 cm of free space.
Make insulation hood.Metal takes a lot of heat and is a good thermal conductor.Therefore the engine compartment for a few minutes loses heat, cooling the entire system.For warming vibroplasta pieces stick to the inside of the body.