For vehicle most commonly used acid batteries, iethose in which an electrolyte solution is used sulfuric acid in distilled water.Therefore, the technical condition of the battery can be monitored using a hydrometer.It allows you to determine the density of the electrolyte.If it is high - the battery is charged, low - discharged.
For this purpose, you can use the loading fork, which shows the voltage across the battery, or each "banks".According to her testimony can be determined, charged battery or not, and how the voltage remained stable.
Once it becomes clear that th
e battery needs recharging, the question arises: "How to do it?" At the present time to buy Charger device in the store no problem, but if you have an accident on the shelf in the garage stands and dusts AC transformer,lowering the voltage from 220V to 16V, then the issue can be resolved without the store.
transformer Also, you will need:
• normal wirewound resistor to adjust the strength of the charging current;
• ammeter to monitor the value of the charging current;
• rectifier unit ;
• a switch which is included in the circuit of the primary winding of the transformer;
• light bulb included in the circuit of the secondary winding.Once in the secondary winding of the transformer voltage appears, it lights up.
rectifier device do themselves, gathering diode rectifier bridge.All mount the device on the basis of a dielectric material (PCB, plywood, non-melting a non-conductive plastic).Based on secure transformer.
from the same material assemble a body in which to make a lot of holes to cool the transformer and rectifier.
On the front wall of the housing secure the control bulb turn on, turn on switch, ammeter, rheostat.
output wires from the rectifier is desirable to equip the terminals of different diameters to when connected to the battery is not to reverse the polarity.
checking the fulfillment of these prerequisites, plug the charger into the network, connect the terminals to the battery, and using the rheostat set required charging current.Its value is monitored for indications of the ammeter.