you need
  • - a passport or a birth certificate;
  • - student or student ID;
  • - seek medical advice.
To get information about the disease, please call the clinic or GP when the first symptoms of the disease.If you call a doctor, the doctor will prescribe the necessary examination and treatment, as well as the call date of clinic visits for re-examination, depending on which you continue treatment and will be discharged on the study.
If you yourself can see a doctor, call the front desk, get a ticket at the reception.On examination,
you will also appoint the examination and treatment, and the date of re-call doctor visits.If there is a need hospital treatment, you will be discharged in the direction of the hospital.
After all the test results will correspond to the statement, that is a specialist decides that you have recovered, your local doctor or doctor of the hospital will issue a certificate form 095, which will indicate your full name, home address, placeschool or work deadlines exemption from immunizations and physical culture.The doctor wrote in the diagnosis or help deliver its digital code, if the diagnosis can not be disclosed, the signature, stamp, date of start and end of the disease.Sign a certificate from the head physician clinic, contact the registry, you will be stamped.
If you are treated in a hospital, then you can issue a certificate at an extract from it or be given a statement and fill 095 will help the local doctor.
Help 095 forms issued for 14 days.If you continue to get sick, the illness after you write out a certificate form 027, which is more detailed description of the disease and issued no more than 75 days.She fills her doctor from the clinic or hospital.This document contains the column into which entered the history of the disease and treatment.All the rest is filled in accordance with the form 095.
If you continue to get sick more than 75 days, it is the period when the issue of additional documents not provided for by law, and you have to take a sabbatical, or get directions to healthsocial expert commission to address the issue of disability.