Following the hype, many buyers seek to maintain their health accessible way, taking vitamins.Drugstore vitamins require special attention in the selection and preparation of compliance with the instructions received.Physicians recommend not to choose a specific group of vitamins on their own, focusing on their health and ailments.The relative safety of a generic multivitamin complexes.

Vitamins and prescription

uncontrolled intake of vitamins can lead to negative effects.It can be expressed in certain hypersensitive individual components leading to allergic reactions.This may be a rash, anfilaktichesky shock, angioedema, and other misfortunes.Moreover, such a reaction the body can manifest itself not
only in the independent choice of vitamins, without first consulting a doctor, but an overdose. vitamin deficiency does not depend on the season, as many believe.The myth that the summer and fall of our bodies consume more vitamin C and other ingredients, is not confirmed by doctors.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of water-soluble vitamins, these include A, E, K, and D. An overdose of vitamin A can lead to abnormal liver function, up to cirrhosis.During pregnancy, this will affect the state of the overabundance of the fruit.The symptoms of excess vitamin A is brittle nails, dry skin, weight loss, etc.

overdose of vitamin B6 can lead to malfunction of the nervous system, and if unchecked take vitamin C, the formation of kidney stones.

Consultation when choosing vitamins

Even with a balanced diet can not guarantee a person protect themselves from vitamin deficiency.This is due to the overall reduction in the content of vitamins in natural fruits and vegetables.Therefore, you need to take vitamins virtually everyone on the planet.And, of course, abandon the drugs can not be people who are at risk.It includes those who are on a diet, adhere to vegetarianism, laktovegetarianstva or waive certain products.

Detailed specialist advice on the selection of vitamins and if people need to drink alcohol, smoke, work in hazardous environments, taking antibiotics, hormones, psychotropic drugs.Vitamins are necessary and the limited diet - lack of fruit, berries and vegetables. take a multivitamin complexes can be year-round, taking breaks between courses.

drink vitamins necessary only after reviewing the summary.But not only this rule must be observed for the occurrence of a proper outcome.When taking vitamins is important to eat regularly, the drug should guzzle course.