Determine the level of commercialism is very simple.Signs of commercialism girls can appear already on the first date.In order not to wait until the woman begins to extort money from you, pay attention to the little things.It can manifest itself in the form of phrases like: "How long I dream about this blouse" in the women's clothing store in which you as if accidentally entered, hiding from the rain.
If your girlfriend always says that that's her friend Svetka man earns immeasurably more than you, it must be for you to know that the money she was interested in much more than all your problems togethercombined, and hence you.
If anything like you did not notice, then spend an elementary test.Leave your wallet at home, taking with him only t
he money for the journey.A meeting with the girl, honestly, that today you do not have money and you do not cancel the offer because of this date, and, for example, walk along the waterfront.In response to your offer, you will be able to immediately determine that you are interested in the girl.
Girls often use men as a backup, to determine whom to select from their boyfriends.Giving preference to one, the other becomes the object of the game on feelings and drive which is a pity, but serious feelings for him, too, to say no.If you are satisfied with a supporting role, you can skip this paragraph if not, please note the following points.When you are the first, and not someone else, your girl is unlikely to be reset incoming call from you.
certain type of girls playing on the feelings of men, perfected the art of seduction.Do not become a victim of girls pikapera difficult enough if she practiced it long enough and well.If you encounter such a woman, the chances to become a man with a broken heart at a time when the feelings in his apogee, very large.Experienced girl pikaper does not manifest itself in that regard is described in the above paragraphs.In addition, you fall in love with her goal in itself, and therefore, no doubt that you use, you should not have.Define this type can only be the fact that on the very first stage of dating initiative, often hidden, comes from her.That is, if in your car, neatly pulled into the parking lot Gelendvagen brand new, but because it was a girl driver with a charming smile, then most likely, you are a victim.