you need
  • - installation disc Windows 7.
Start the installation of the operating system in the usual mode.Turn on the computer and press Del.On the menu will be displayed motherboard BIOS.Open the item Boot Device.Go to the Boot Device Priority.Find it in your DVD-ROM drive and assign it to the first device in the list of downloads.Save the settings.
Insert the disk or USB-drive containing files of the operating system Windows Seven, in the drive and restart the computer.Press any key on the keyboard to start the process of installing the operating system.
Select menu language of the installer.In that case, if you use a disk that contains multiple versions of the operating system, select the desired version and click "Next."
Select the hard disk on which you want to install the operating system Windows Seven.If this section yet - create it.
Wait for the completion of the first stage of the process of installing the OS.After rebooting again a window with the message Press any key to boot from CD.Do not press anything because you must start the computer from the hard disk to continue.
After completion of the second phase of installation of the operating system, the computer will be rebooted again.Now at some point instead of the boot menu on the monitor will display a black screen.This is due to the fact that the monitor or video card does not support the resolution given by the system screen .Restart the computer by clicking Reset.
When you turn on the PC hard drive, press F8.Among the available options to continue the download, select "Enable video mode with a low resolution of 640x480" and press Enter.Wait for the installation of the operating system.Be sure to install a suitable driver for your video card.