Tip 1: How to make a new passport

Every Russian citizen 14 years and older should have their own passport .At 20 and 45 years old form passport and must be replaced.Also have to issue a new document in the case of change of personal data (surname, first name, gender, etc.), appearance and, of course, if the form of your document has worn or simply missing.
you need
  • • Write the application;
  • • pay the state fee;
  • • take photographs of 35x45 mm;
  • • produce documents.
Make 2 photos 35x45 mm.If you intend on making a new time passport and obtain a temporary identity card of a Russian citizen, you will need 4 photos.In some parts of the FMS of Russia has the opportunity to take photographs with your application.
pay a state fee.The fee previously verify, since the amount charged for the issuance of a new document instead of worn or lost, somewhat higher than in other cases.
contact your local office of the FMS Russia ( passport ny table) in your place of residence or stay.Take a photo and proof
of payment of the state duty, as well as:
• birth certificate (when issuing a new passport and at the age of 14 years);
• documents confirming the change of personal data;
• documents necessary for putting a new passport form and compulsory marks (children's birth certificates, marriage / divorce, military ID, etc.);
• old form passport and (in case of replacement);
• proof of citizenship of the Russian Federation (if citizenship must be clarified).
Fill out the application form for the issuance / replacement passport a standard pattern.This statement can be issued from both the hands and on the printer or printing mashinke.Obratite note that the Unified portal of public and municipal services of the Russian Federation allows its registered users to apply for a passport and online.
Turn in your completed application to the employee unit FMS with old blank passport well and the rest of the necessary documents.Get a temporary ID card, if you need it.Specify the date when it will be ready to your new passport .
Visit your territorial division of the Federal Migration Service at the appointed time.Check the data given in the form passport well.If you are checking find any inaccuracies, to immediately inform the employee of the FMS.Again, pay the fee for a corrected form you do not have.
Turn employee FMS temporary identity card when you receive it.Put samples of their signatures on the form passport and a statement on the extradition passport well.Get away from the employee all the documents that you handed it mandatory for affixing stamps and collect your new passport Russian citizen.

Tip 2: How to get a new passport

Beginning in 2010, Russian citizens can apply for passport TRAVEL two types: the familiar old sample and the new biometric passport.Newest passport is different in that has a lifespan twice as long as a precursor (10 years), a chip with all the information about the owner, which can not be faked, and more sheets for visas.A procedure of its design is not very different from the old passport .
How to obtain the latest passport
you need
  • - internal passport;
  • - existing passport, if any;
  • - a copy of employment record, certified by the employer, or a copy of the original and simple, if you are not working;
  • - 2 photo 3,5x4,5 cm oval on matte paper;
  • - completed application form;
  • - money to pay the state duty.
Before you fill out the form, take on the copy of employment record, certified by the signature and official seal of the organization.If you are not working, it is not necessary to certify a copy, in a package of documents including the original: FMS will verify the employee with a copy of it and assured information about working in the questionnaire.
Application form you can take in a territorial division of the FMS or download from the Internet sites of the regional offices of the Federal Migration Service and the portal "Gosuslugi.ru."
questionnaire need to fill in block capital letters.
You can also fill out a form on the website, "Gosuslugi.ru" and send to the selected unit of FMS via the Internet.You will need a digital version of your photo.
You can scan a picture of yourself or ask at a shop, so that you dropped it on digital media: USB flash drive or CD.
at a shop where you will be removed, usually know the requirements for cards passport for travel abroad .But keep in mind that you need a photo 3,5x4,5 cm oval on matte paper.
difference between the procedures for obtaining biometric passports TRAVEL from the usual that these pictures are only required to file.You also photographed in a special booth at the filing of documents in the office of the FMS.For
passport of the old sample is not required.
distinguished as the amount of duty.In 2010, the passport of the old sample treated in 1 tys.r.for an adult and 300 rubles.for the child, and the new - 2.5 thousand. p.and 1 thousand. p.respectively.
Payment details you can learn in the division of the FMS, the site of its regional management consultants or the nearest branch of the Savings Bank, where you can make money.
You will also need an internal passport, while the design of the document a child under the age of 14 - his birth certificate with a note of registration and nationality (or some relevant documents confirming registration or citizenship) and passports parents.
with a complete set of documents in the office hours you come to the division of the Federal Migration Service at the place of residence or temporary registration.In the first case, the production of passports takes no more than 1 month, in the second - to 4.
  • Russian Federal Migration Service
Helpful Hint
template application for the issuance of passports in the format pdf, form for payment of the state fee, andand more information about obtaining a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation can be found on a single portal of government and municipal services of the Russian Federation and on the website of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.
  • Unified portal of public and municipal services of the Russian Federation
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