Most often poor appetite and decreased interest in food occurs in children after they reach a year and a half.Forcing your baby has the power counterproductive and wrong.It is best to think calmly and to look for reasons to spoil the appetite.They can be divided into several groups.Physiological causes of poor appetite: - child ill - the baby teething - hot weather - unseasonably or too large volume entered the lure - the baby changed the energy needs of the body; - child eats less food than youoffer it; - child burned food or hot spoon (cup) in a previous breast - fed up with the monotonous diet of the baby - a child too long offered a puree pureed meals, time doe
s not teach him chew pischu.K psychological reasons include: - feeding a babyforce - is too intrusive offer food - output mum kid to work, unusual for the crumbs of her absence at home - the reaction of the body of the child to a stressful situation (period of adaptation to the kindergarten, to school after an illness); - the emergence of a new family member (brother,sisters), the nurse - stay away - the period of adaptation to the new place of residence (in case of moving) - often family konflikty.Ochen toddler behavior, interpreted as a rejection of their parents eating and loss of appetite, in fact, it is not at all such.After the daily diet for up baby food manufacturers and scientists, may diverge from the actual needs of each individual child.For example, if the mode of the day the baby is not a sufficient number of walks and exercise, the lack of appetite in the crumb due to the fact that he just did not have time to get hungry between meals as it should pischi.V book "Your child from birth to two years of" American pediatrician W.Sears says that child intuitively selects the products best suited to the tasks of development and growth at the moment.For example, you might notice that sometimes your kid happy for any length of time eating one product (bananas, apples, yogurt, etc.), And then abruptly requires something else.William Sears wrote that the diet of nutrients kids balance is not within the days and during the week.For example, in one day, eat more vegetables, the other - the fruit, then - porridge, meat, etc ... Also, as a rule, children prefer to eat often and little by little.But such a diet is considered to be the most useful for human beings.