Types clamshells

Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of clamshells.The frame is usually made of aluminum or steel.And as the foundation include: the fabric taut, stretched fabric on springs, spring-tensioned steel slats, laminated wooden plate, as well as composite material made of wooden slats and a stretched fabric on springs.

Valuable tips and tricks

When choosing a cot for your child pay special attention to the mattress.If you want to protect your baby from unnecessary back problems, then choose a mattress with a good level of rigidity.Filler and mattress padding should not contain toxic substances and promote the occurrence of an allergic reaction.The same applies to the rest of the clamshell.Choose items from n
atural materials.

Inspect cot and read, from what materials it is made.Well, if the mattress is attached to a cot using special fasteners or Velcro.During sleep, it should not slip.Loose in a baby cot mattress can cause not only an inconvenience, but the fall in a dream injury.

child should not experience problems with cleaning the bed (older).Therefore, the mechanism of folding and unfolding of a berth should be simple and safe to operate smoothly, with which to handle even a baby.If the wheels are provided on a cot, it will greatly facilitate its movement through the room.

Remember, your child should feel on a cot is not worse than on the bed or couch.Therefore, parents should take full account of the child's views.Just making sure that the fumes comfortably on the cot, you can safely buy it.

to significantly extend the life of children's cot, follow simple rules.In no case do not exceed the permissible load on the bed.Adults should not even try to lie or sit on the cot.Do not allow children to stand on it or jump.The springs can be deformed, the foundation will sag.Protect the frame from the shocks to avoid mechanical damage to the aluminum or steel pipes.Following these simple rules, you will extend the life of the clamshell, it will be a long time to please your child and you as a convenience and compactness.