you need
  • - program TuneUp Utilites;
  • - program LogonStudio;
  • - the program Resource Hacker;
To change the welcome screen, you can use multiple utilities.Very simple and easy to use is a program TuneUp Utilites.It allows you to change many settings of Windows, including the design of the boot screen and welcome screen (login).The program can be downloaded from the Internet.
Install TuneUp Utilites.After installation, open the "Start" - "All Programs» - «TuneUp Utilites» - «All the functions" - "Setting the style".In the window that opens, select "Start System" - "Login Window".Click "Add", then select "Download from the Internet."The default browser will automatically open a page with a variety of options for the welcome screen.
Select an image you like, it will automatically be inserted i
nto the program.Click "Apply".A window will appear in which you will be prompted to choose whether you want to keep the existing inscriptions in Russian or to insert those that come with the new image.You can try to leave the Russian line, but at startup they can stay on the page incorrectly - for example, in part for her to leave the province.Click "Apply", the welcome screen will be changed.If you set the login screen you do not like it, you can always restore the default settings by clicking "Default".
use to change the welcome screen LogonStudio.Working with her is very simple: install and run the program in the window will have several design options window.Select one of the available images or pick their own.A large number of beautiful screens greeting can be found on the Internet.LogonStudio disadvantage is that some versions of Windows, most "pirated", the program is not working.
There is another version of the welcome change - with the help of the program Resource Hacker.Open the file in it Logonui.exe, it is located in the Windows / System32.In an open file, locate the folder Bitmaps, in its section 100. This is where the stored image Welcome screen.Replace it with their in * .bmp format and save the changes.Before working with Logonui.exe sure to save a backup copy.