This is what we do when:

  • buy or sell an apartment;

  • go abroad with their children;

  • legalize disability;

  • go to work;

  • decide matters in the court;

  • proceed to learn;

  • getting married, getting married, etc.

way, the indicator of the level of our culture is the way we make their documents, the condition of the originals.All these actions involve the collection of a certain set of documents.This package is mandatory in all cases include the following documents:

  • passport;

  • identification code;

  • birth certificate;

  • ownership of the apartment;

  • medical certificates;

  • application;

  • certificates;

  • autobiography.

Before forming a package of documents and start the collection of certificates, you must update institutions that need it.

collected documents, most often it is different certificates issued by different institutions (hospitals, schools,

the registry office, notary) at the ready forms.But you have to write a statement on their own.

So how to execute documents on?

If the application is made by hand, it is desirable to write it on a standard A4 paper format.Right in the corner write the recipient to whom sent your message and your data:

  • surname, name and patronymic;

  • address;

  • phone.

Next contains the substance of your question.At the bottom put a date and signature.On the right, it is desirable to leave the field of 2.5 - 3 cm. For filing document.Handwriting must be legible and understandable.

If you write a biography, start with your name, surname, patronymic and describes the most significant events of his life:

  • year, day, month and place of birth;

  • years of schooling;

  • further education after high school;

  • experience;

  • awards (if any);

  • family and children;

  • social work.

documents typed on the computer and printed out, too, on A4 paper.It is advisable to use the font Times New Roman, size of font 12-14 points, one and a half line spacing.To make the text beautifully looked better to place it over the entire width of the sheet, set the "red line" of 1 cm. 2.5 cm left to retreat to the document could hem.

If properly and creative approach to the design documents that will not bore and annoy.In communication with the officials may be quite a positive attitude and get pleasure from it.