Make a guest list.Talk with your child, any of the friends he wants to invite to your holiday.Later, decide with how many kids will come to congratulate your birthday.Try to make advance and send all invitations.
Then select the room in the house where you will spend the event.Do not waste your time and effort to tidy, as children will not pay any attention to.It is better to remove a prominent place all valuable and fragile items.Free room place for games and dancing.
sure to decorate the room.Do not forget that beautifully decorated room where the celebration will take
place, will create an atmosphere of magic and charge all the joyful mood.
Balloons hang around the room and just lay on the floor.Hang a banner of congratulations.On the walls hang posters and cut out of colored paper flowers.
festive table must be very beautiful and elegant.So first of all take care of its decoration.Beautiful tablecloth, napkins with pictures of favorite characters from cartoons, butterflies and various umbrellas in every dish.
not cook a lot of food.Decorate the table with fruit, variety of sweets, prepare light sandwiches and do not forget the cake.Stock up on juice, fruit drinks or compote.
Be prepared various competitions and draw up a program for the day of birth .Ask guests to participate in competitions and hand your child a memorable gift.
When you select a script, consider the age and number of children.The games must be activated every child.No one should miss on your holiday.
Pick music evenings.Prepare songs from favorite cartoons, under which young guests will be happy to have fun and dance.