Stalking is a sly form of harassment.On the one hand, the victim does not receive direct threats and physical injuries, and the other is constantly exposed to moral pressure.Experienced stalkers are able to disguise their persecution so that people will never know about him, but more often it takes too emotional and stubborn personality.
victim of stalkers in the majority are women, but their role is usually the men stay.Pursue lady usually start because of unrequited love, and all do it in different ways: some stalkers in this case presented obsessive gifts, send other messages received death threats, and others arrange shadowing.
Stalking is widespread among workers of detectiv
e agencies.In this case, it is completely legal and safe.Qualified stalker looking for information about a person using database and professional surveillance.
Intentional stalking is often carried out with the purpose of fraud.Sacrifice carefully stalk, and then presented with information, which is not hard to believe.For example, a woman called middle of the night and told that her son had an accident, knocking the man.Thus it was named son's name, his place of registration and date of birth.Of course, worried mom make payment only to save the child from prison.Typically, con artists know that at this time the son of the victim can not come to the phone for any reason.
With regard to interpersonal relationships, there stalking explained as a hidden form of domestic violence.The most common example - a divorce.Lost "power" over his woman, a man begins to show her at a distance, often bringing the victim to a nervous breakdown.
Despite the fact that stalking is not considered a mental illness, its manifestation is often inadequate.A typical situation - persecution of idol fans.In his possession they are capable of everything, down to the use of hidden cameras and terrible threats in the violence.It is done to get the attention of the coveted object.In history there are cases where due to the pressure of such people commit suicide.
may seem that stalking is harmless, but it is not.In a fit of emotion obsessive pursuit of man can bring the victim to mania, and he cross the line and commit a real murder.People who are under attack stalkers, it is recommended to contact the police.