How to understand a woman?

understand the human process of communication can be of non-verbal information, which give you the gestures, postures and facial expressions.In order to recognize a woman interested in men or not, need to focus on non-verbal cues that delivers the fair sex.There are more than 10 ways neverbalika that women unconsciously, and sometimes consciously make it clear that they like this or that man.

signals which indicate sympathy

One of the oldest tricks of flirting is playing with hair.If a woman straightens her hair or gently shakes the hair, throwing back their back, is clearly interested conversationalist.At the same time, if the interlocutor is constantly pulls the hair, such action could mean her insecurity or nervousness.

eyes also speak volumes.Eye contact is able to convey an interest in the oth
er party or hostility.If a man is interested in a woman, she gave him a quick look, which, through time and again is longer.This will occur as long as an object of curiosity, not paying due attention to the fair sex.

Another important way of expressing women's sympathy - a signal sent via body language.The body of any woman, regardless of her mind, can reveal all the hidden and secret desires.Crossed his arms, turn away from the man's body suggest that the lady is not interested in the source, it blocks his attempts to get to know her better.If a woman leans slightly toward the men and tries to be with him face-to-face dialogue will take place for sure.

Communication is also a measure of sympathy.If a man is not aroused the interest of the woman all the questions he will get "dry" answers.The friendly response - it is an occasion to continue the acquaintance.

bowed his head in communication, accompanied by a charming smile and playing eyes, it gives a signal that the man can act.Tease - this is another opportunity to show that the person you like.When communicating a woman touches his companion, it also expresses its sympathy.

imitation - a special form of flattery.This happens on a subconscious level, but says that the sides in something similar.In addition, about sympathy can talk and behavior, in which the woman interest listens companion and asks leading questions.Female laughter in response to even the most unfunny joke man says that she is glad to meet you and are ready to continue.