Log in as an administrator - this is a necessary condition for access to the scanning operation.If you are using a version of Windows Vista or Windows 7, the system may require the administrator password later - directly at the component startup, performing scans.
Start Explorer - a standard file manager Windows.This can be done by double-clicking on the icon "My Computer" on the desktop, select "Computer" from the main menu on the "Start" button or by pressing a keyboard shortcut win + e.
Right-click the hard disk icon you want to scan for the presence of "broken" cells.In the popup context menu select the lowest string - "Propert
Click the "Tools" and click on the "Check Now" placed in the section "Test Drive".
Tick the box "Automatically fix file system errors".If you do not, the program will scan your hard drive will only display a report on the defects found without correcting them.In order to instruct the program to try to correct defects on the media, and not only in the file system, check the box "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors."The truth is that you will significantly increase during the scanning operation.
Click "Start" and the program will start to work.Time to be spent depends on the amount of a drive to scan and your selected settings.The results of the operation will be displayed on the program screen.If you specify a disk scan, which is currently being used by the system or applications, and thus activated the option "Automatically fix file system errors", the program will display a dialog box in which you propose to perform the operation at the next startup.