This question is difficult to answer unequivocally.It all depends on the time and place where you met the person.Remember the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" where the main character in the train drew attention primarily on the shoes of one of the characters in George.What has changed today?

Appearance - a mirror of occupations and hobbies

first saw the man, deliberately or unconsciously, we appreciate his ability to apply themselves through appearance.Most people tends to pick up her clothes, shoes and hairstyle according to his inner world.

profession leaves its mark on the appearance of a person.If we have a man with a classic suit or a lady, dressed formally, it can be concluded that this office workers with their dress code.This way of giving others to understand that in front of
them responsible, meticulous specialists.

For this reason, psychologists advise those who are going to find a job, competently pick up clothes before appear for an interview to the employer.And what about the young creation, whose hair, makeup, shoes and clothes you see in black always slightly sinister tones?

right!Before us is a representative of the Gothic current.Clothing primarily intended to express the uniqueness.Therefore, it is in black ready representative demonstrates to others his passion and sincere attitude.This image highlights the personality of the crowd and makes it clear that man is in search, ready to change and go to the next level in its development.

Creative individuals are more likely than others use the clothes in her wardrobe, which differs from the generally accepted norms of their originality.And if the dress has to complement a variety of accessories, a man looks at all unusual.The owner of this appearance underlines its originality.

really look helps us characterize the personality?That's a moot point.If a person is dressed to the nines, a presentable appearance, it does not mean that he is also the founder and sure as it is trying to express.It happens that in such a vulnerable Outfits hiding fluctuating personality.

In another situation, nothing expresses the clothes can give a false impression of the man.And in fact it would be quite a remarkable person.In fact, many public people can hide in such a way from the fans.

Supplement to the external appearance

whether the appearance of the expression of the eyes, beautiful posture and graceful gait?Of course, yes.You noticed that sometimes a girl dressed in jeans and a T-shirt commonplace causes an irresistible urge to turn around after her?

light step, straight back, open the face and eyes with a sparkle make it visible.Gestures and facial expressions of people characterized by great personality, showing the internal qualities of the person.Dynamic and open people rarely sit on a chair, legs crossed or closed their arms.

Closed people tend to dissociate itself from the outside world by such gestures as if to signal "Stop!Access denied".It can be a long time emphases that characterize a person's appearance.It's not only clothes, hairstyle, gait and facial expressions, but also laughter, tone of voice and a special look.

important to know that on a subconscious level, we tend to feel the power of the person.If it is warm, friendly, we feel it, do not understand, what attracted us to this or that person.It is the inner state of the person makes us feel sympathy or indifference to this inidividuumu, regardless of whether he is dressed in the latest fashion or not.

Clothing and other components of the external appearance of a person is important, but they are evaluated only at the initial stage.It happens that the first impression is deceptive, and the man will be revealed to us only when feel emotional comfort.And we in turn forgive him unsympathetic in our opinion, jacket and scuffed sneakers.