human memory can not be presented as some kind of "ledger", which is written once and for all that man has ever seen, I heard and experienced.Memory - a living phenomenon, neural connections in the cerebral cortex appear and disappear.First break the ties that are too rarely activated or not activated at all - that's why man forgets the information, which does not use.

In some cases, forgetting plays the role of a defense mechanism: the memory gets rid of traumatic information related to negative emotions.Very often it happens due to the strong fright, while the effects of stress in the form of a breakdown remain.For example, in the Middle Ages it was born the legend of the kidnapping elves leshimi and other fantastical creatures, and now - about
alien abduction.

artificial problem of forgetting connected with the need to help people suffering from the negative memories.To some extent, this gives the possibility of hypnosis.In these experiments, people on the team hypnotist for a few minutes even forgot his name.Some of the results are dazzling.For example, a hypnotist to get the patient to forget about ... allergies.During the next flowering herbs that people really do not feel the usual symptoms painful for him.However, the possibility of hypnosis in this regard are limited: the memories do not fade and are disabled, and that something could again cause them to life.We mentioned an allergy patient reappeared after talking about it with your doctor.

to mind can be influenced by chemical means, for example by blocking the action of the enzyme proteinokinazy.A team of scientists from the University of California led D.Glantsmanom proven ability to block negative memories in this way.However, the focus of research was a snail, its nervous system is not comparable to a human, and no one can say how much the election will be forgetting in humans.

Such "memory pill" that weaken the neural connections are developed and Russian scientists led by K.Anohinym.It is assumed the use of this drug on the background of the active patient remembering those episodes, he would like to forget.But the practical application of speech does not go.According K.Anohina "brain chemistry is much easier to break than to improve."

Original memories can partly block the creation of false.For this purpose it is enough to install.For example, in one experiment, subjects were asked whether they met a rabbit Bunny in Disneyland.People remembered this meeting, despite the fact that this character is not Disneyland.Sometimes, the installation gives the dominant mood in the society.For example, in the 70s.20.Many American "remembered" about sexual abuse by the father, uncle or older brother, alleged in his childhood.Possible and purposeful introduction of false memories of a particular person, especially if he has high suggestibility.

In general, scientists are reserved about the idea of ​​selectively erasing the memory.If it becomes technically possible in the future, no one can say how forgetting the negative impact of past episodes in the memory of the patient and his mental life as a whole.