At the beginning of the folder, of course, you need to place the material characterizing the class team.Glue together the picture and enter the school year.
Next is a list of students to invest their data (name and surname), date of birth and home address, and phone number for contact.
sure to complete your social passport families of pupils.It provide information about families: the presence of large or single-parent families in need of assistance, the presence of the families where the parents are disabled or pensioners.
reflect in portfolio extracurricular employment of children: What clubs or sections of visits children than interested.
Note also a standing order have children: is prefect, a member of the editor
ial board, included in the asset class etc.
should be shown in the diagram or table, as the development of self in the team.For example, the class is divided into groups, or teams who are responsible for some of the activities.For example, you can select groups of "Labor Troopers," "Hurry," "Znayka" etc.
Place in portfolio your plan to work with children: the name and approximate date of classroom hours, outdoor activities (quizzes, competitions, theater festivals, literary living rooms, etc.).
Next you need to reflect the results already achieved in the educational activity.This can be done by posting pictures of the various festivals and competitions, as well as reviews of children on these activities.It will be interesting to look photo collage composed of images of children.
in a separate file you want to attach diplomas and certificates of children.
also put in portfolio most interesting creative work of children: poems, essays, reports, drawings, embroidery, etc.
Ask pupils to write essays on the topic "My school life" and attach to the end of the folder.On the final evening the children will be interested to read your work.